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after sailing to an easy win in the land of lincoln, mitt romney takes aim at president obama. >> it's time to say these words. this word -- enough. we've had enough. >>> search for the shooter. french police exchange gunfire with a gunman suspected in the deadly attack at a jewish school. >>> and earthquake in mexico. no fatalities but some serious damage after a powerful quake rocks southern mexico. >> everything started shaking. the windows were shaking. i sat on the floor. it was very scary. >>> this is the "cbs morning it was very scary. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, march 21, captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. the next republican primary is saturday in louisiana. rick santorum is pinning his hopes on a strong showing there after getting trounced by mitt romney in yesterday's illinois vote. romney rode a wave of tv advertising to a decisive double-digit win in illinois. romney outspent his opponent 7-1 in tv ads and grabbed his third primary victory in a row. cbs news estimates romney won 41 of the 5
'm not going there therethe issue... g-o-p presidential candidate mitt romney is accused of back-ttaccing on... and the reason he says... he waa misund. ((break 1)) ((bump n)) ((2--hot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologiit)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber 695 at proviodencemdot 695 at bwmapmdott95 at 152 mta 3 3 3 3 3 the auto industry... is going fulllforce ahead. ahead.how well they did in shhppers are buying. cars buying. 'no, i can't be for that,' g-o-p presidential candidate... rickksantorum is throwing an accusing finger at fellow candidate mitt romney. the issue romney's accuuee of flip-flopping on... nd what he recieved for his campaign... that santorum didn't. ((bump out)) 3 mitt romney hopes to keee up his winning ways heading into next week's "super tuesday". republicaa presidential - nominees.romney won three more states this week ... michigan, arizona anddwyoming.but as joe johns reports ... he's also given his opponeets some ammunition to take him down. down. 3--reporter pkg-as followss--in this roller coaster ride of aa race.. the sign t
blitzer. wolf! >> don, thanks very much. happening now, mitt romney and the etch-a-sketch. an off hand remark goes viral. new ammunition. >> a hezbollah threat in the united states. one u.s. lawmaker says it is right here in the u.s. and the possibility of an attack, he says, is real. and broken toilets turn a 13-hour flight into a two-day odyssey leaving hundreds of passengers trapped in alaska. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> major new backing and a brewing new controversy for the republican presidential candidate mitt romney. he's picked up one of the most sought-after endorsements of the campaign, but a remark by one of his top aides is now threatening to overshadow it. our national political correspondent jim acosta is with romney who is holding a town hall meeting outside baltimore. jim, what happened? >> reporter: wolf, as you just mentioned mitt romney is about to hold a town hall meeting just outside of baltimore. the maryland primary is coming up in about a week and a half, but mitt romney can take comfort in the fac
supporter is said she has traded early dance to mitt romney. there has been a lot of excitement building around the candid its visiting maryland. lowell melser is outside. what is the reaction of people while waiting in line? >> lot of people are just excited to see governor romney. we counted at least several hundred supporters that came out here to see governor mitt romney, proving that this particular area and maryland may have been a great idea. on the streets of arbutus, you would never know what presidential hopeful was coming to town, but for mitt romney supporters, they are pretty excited. >> i think is the wonderful. >> political history shows that gop presidential candidates rarely campaign in maryland because of a strong, democratic roots. romney is making an appearance in arbutus, hoping to show that he deserves the state's 37 delegates. >> my husband is on the fence about it. he thinks i should just dick with obama. i just need to see another side. >> the line wrapped around the building. most to came out to sea the town hall style meeting already had strong beliefs about po
hour, former massachusetts governor mitt romney and began a town hall meeting in baltimore county. >> this is his first campaign stop in maryland. some of the question so far, how do we get lower gas prices, cut back on taxes and reform health care? shelton dutes is monitoring the meeting inside and lowell melser is on crowd control. we begin with shelton dutes. >> crowd out here is starting to clear out of the american legion hall. mitt romney is still on stage, greeting some of the supporters. that town hall just wrapped up a couple of minutes ago. the topic of conversation, lot of people were concerned about the economy, for obvious reasons. mitt romney says he plans to urge job growth and the economy by restoring economic freedom for americans. he cited his experience in the private sector as a way of improving the economy. this was a town hall format for the meeting here at the american legion. you can see there is still a crowd out here in arbutus, but the room was much more packed about five minutes ago. we heard that more than 500 people showed up and some had to go to an
romney and rick santorum crisscross the state rally for votes. >> were on the took all 20 delegates in order rego buried would go live to washington for a look at how the illinois race is shaping up. >> the latest polling gives mitt romney the lead, but it is a lot closer than expected. >> the fight is on in illinois, and it is essentially a two-man race. >> i need your help. i want to make sure i can become your nominee. >> mitt romney met with voters in springfield. he kept his attack its aim at president obama. >> he has put us deeper in debt, slowed the recovery, and harmed the economy. >> rick santorum hosted rallies and dixon and rockford. >> this could be an amazing time in history. right here in illinois, you can assure that in and surprise the pundits. >> he supported the wall street bailout. >> the romney camp has a new video out highlighting santorum's support for romney in 2008. >> if you want a conservative as the nominee of this party, you must vote for mitt romney. >> polls give romney the edge but put santorum within striking distance. >> a mitt romney win here will
romney grabs the state's endorsement from paul ryan. they appeared at a fish fry out of milwaukee. >> this is a man who has the conviction, who is willing, who is able, who has the tenacity and the courage to do what's right for our country. and to deliver us the white house, the senate, the house and then the solutions needed to save this country in this great state. >> meanwhile, rick santorum also in the badger state said ryan picked the wrong guy. he slammed romney's role in the massachusetts health care mandate. >> i respect congressman ryan but i think on the most central issue of the day he has it all wrong. governor romney started the ball rolling to massachusetts and then advocated for the mandate at the federal level. frankly, i think he'll be destroyed by president obama on the issue. >> in green bay a fading newt gingrich is still doing the math and holding out hope. >> if governor romney does get to 1144, i'll be glad to help him defeat barack obama. if he doesn't get to 1144, then i think you'll see a very different party discussion from that point on. >> well, wisco
him out of office. >> that is mitt romney today speaking to marylanders in the town hall meeting in arbutus. that is our big story tonight. >> there was a large crowd of supporters in baltimore county today to see the republican presidential hopeful. >> he is campaigning here ahead of our primary on april 3 in which 37 delegates are at stake. >> shelton dutes is live in arbutus with the wrap up of today's events. >> maryland is often overlooked in presidential republican primaries, but in this race for every delegate matters, this movement has -- may have been very helpful for the romney campaign. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor, soon to be president, mitt romney. >> mitt romney arrived in arbutus press from an illinois victory and just hours after receiving an endorsement from jenna bush. he hunkered down to talk about the issues most important to maryland republicans. >> fixing the economy, and getting the debt under control. >> when it comes to improving the economy and job growth, romney cited his experience in the private sector as well as the need to protect individual fr
. >>> illinois vote. mitt romney pushes for a big win as rick santorum is put on the defensive. >> my candidacy doesn't hinge on whether the unemployment rate goes up or down. >>> and the investigation opens. the justice department and the fbi decide to look into the shoots of an unarmed african-american teenager in florida. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. >>> well, this morning another round of severe weather pounding the nation's midsection, and it is not over yet. flood warnings are posted from texas to southern missouri. last night a tornado touched down southwest of san antonio. at least 50 homes were damaged in the small towns of divine and natalia. so far no injuries are reported but there are unconfirmed reports of people trapped in mobile homes. the storm system also brought heavy rain and flooding to parts of texas and oklahoma where much of the state is under a flash flood watch. more potentially dangerous weather, thoe, is forecast for today as a storm front moves from texas, louisiana, arkansas,
, rick santorum and mitt romney are campaigning hard ahead of the prom primary. >> reporter: mitt romney greeted voters in illinois explaining why he should win the state's gop primary. >> i had to get us the energy on the ground we needed to keep the money, that's spent buying energy from other people, keep it here. put people to work. >> reporter: romney rolls in to the next contest with momentum from his overwhelming victory over the weekend. >> 20 delegates, all delegates that were in the contest are ours. >> reporter: holding on to more delegates than all his rivals combined. romney is stepping up calls for hopefuls to step aside. his chief challenger, rick santorum vows he will fight to the end. >> the convention will nominate a conservative, not the mad rat candidate from massachusetts. >> reporter: san tom claims romney is outspending him 10- 1 ahead of the primary in illinois. >> mitt romney is systematically run a negative campaign, no positive vision for this country, and spends billionaire dollars to tear down every opponent in his path. >> reporter: the battle shaped up as a
. >>> romney trying to erase an embarrassing comment from his top aide. how a retro toy is taking center stage. it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. . >>> a helicopter pilot makes a crash landing in afghanistan and the whole thing caught on video. talk a look at that. it shows the pilot appearing to loose control before hitting the ground. no inbut that crash is still under investigation. >>> and dozens of college students from western kentucky are rubbing their blisters after the men who walk aid mile in heels for charity. they walk add round the campus to raise awareness about seek sexual abuse and violence. >>> the movie premires tonight but people at the new york sp
in their campaign. >> mitt romney and rick santorum came with one message -- help- wanted. the two republican presidential candidates focused on their differences. romney tout his business experience and says the economy is the top priority. rick santorum says he's focused on the president's health-care plan and freedom. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. doesn't matter to me. my campaign does not hinge on unemployment rates. >> i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate. rick santorum says a win in illinois would change the election. romney is 14 points ahead of santorum while newt gingrich and ron paul largely sat out the state. romney has more money to spend on advertisements highlighting rick santorum is endorsement of him in 2008. >> rick santorum says it is a different race and the negative ads have not kept him from picking up 10 wins so far. romney is working to make sure santorum does not get win no. 11 tonight. >> thank you. speaking of the presidential candidate
to campaign 2012 news, mitt romney has a lead. is that causing anyone to back down. the former governor just left the baltimore area talking about jobs, afghanistan. he's shifting his attention toward president obama. is this a turning point for romney? >> reporter: you know what, for mitt romney last night was a big one. he's really stack up those delegates. last night he had a 12% lead over rick santorum. on top of that win he gets a big endorsement from former florida governor jeb bush. >> so many great friends in this room and across illinois, what a night. thank you, illinois. what a night, wow! >> reporter: mitt romney picked up 41 delegates. santorum ended the night with 249, only adding 10 delegates, half of what he hoped to gain. delivering his message from pennsylvania, santorum made it clear he's not planning to drop out. >> we wanted to come to pennsylvania to launch our campaign. we have five weeks to a big win. >> reporter: earlier today a romney adviser said if the other candidates were to drop out of the race, it would mean a shake-up in their campaign strategy, much like an
romney. it is the latest in the string of high profile endorsements for mitt romney. mitt romney was on fox news along with paul ryan saying it was an extraordinary week. and talking about how the republican party will come together if romney wins the nomination. >> the country is in danger. and we want to get it back on the right track. >> romney one of the three candidates who spoke. doug is live with more on that. doug, it sounds like rick santorum is not ready to give up the fight. >> not yet. obama was -- if itt with stands the challenge. rick santorum was accusing mitt romney of being the inspiration behind obama wear. - care . >> he was the author of mitt romney care. he was the author of the first government take over of health care. but president obama was follow the pluprint of the massachusetts. and we have a government take over of health care because mitt romney ushered it in with ted kennedy. mitt romney also taking fire from protestors in a stop in a phone bank. keep your mitts off birth control. they shouted shame. he is no longer feeling the need to respond to ev
. republican front runner mitt romney still doing damage control over something his top strategists said after he won a big victory illinois. speaking on cnn, the strategist said preparing for the fall campaign could be like shaking up and hsh -- etch a sketch starting over, but others use that to criticize romney as a flip-flop. but romney had good news, picking of the endorsement of former florida governor judd bush. >> still ahead -- filling in the blanks. a new medical report showing what really killed pop star rich -- whitney houston. and tim tebow's trade to the jets, still not officially a done deal. and adam has the seven- >> welcome to friday morning. unfortunately we have a couple of things brewing. overnight accident investigating -- investigation complete and the district, now open at the suitland parkway. we will now take you to springfield, virginia, where north down 95 there was an accident near the beltway. just moved on to the shoulder. but we do have heavy traffic nearing newington. in spam 66, -- eastbound 66 centerville at the reston area, you will find on the shoulder. bee
anything they can to slow down mitt romney. after romney's win in illinois, many people started saying it's time for the other two candidates to drop out of the race. this is what they're pointing to the delegate map. you need 1,244 delegate -- 1,144. mitt romney is leading. rick santorum is still scam paining there today and he's trying to convince those last-minute voters. >> if you want a clear contest between different visions of americans, you have to nominate someone who price that clear conscience. that's why we're asking for your support. >> reporter: going into the race there's a new poll that shows santorum with a double digit lead over newt gingrich and mitt romney. it gives his campaign that validation to keep moving on but a loss could have the opposite effect. >>> today is the two-year anniversary of president obama signing his healthcare bill into law. how will the candidates mark this occasion? >> reporter: you can probably gessments healthcare has made a major role in the election, especially today. you have the republicans, obviouslily, attacking the president -- obvious
boost for mitt romney. phe promonent house republican now backing the presidential hopeful. nats- searching for the raven's newest cheerleaders the men and women who hope to have a place on the sqauad. in the tight race for the g-o-p presidential nomination....mitt romney gets a boost today....from the second ranking hhuse republican. peter doocy tells ps who's endorsing who in the republican presidentiil race-- and revealinggsome popular names that may surprise ou. youu 3 &p3doocy says: "the number two republican in thh house. majority leader eric cantor picked governor romney as his number one choiie for pressdent today. and here's why. "cantor says: "that's the central issue of this campaign. mitt romney's the only man in the race who's accually created jobs." oklahomaasenator tom coburn lined up behind rrmney today too because he says he's served with the other candidatee and too often they've - quote - diiplayed political expediency rather cantor and coburn have ácompanyá n congress when it &pcomes to backing romney. 16 u-s senators ncluding 2008 nominee jo
mitt romney in mississippi and achieved the same results in alabama. santorum wanted to solidify its position as the true conservative while romney was open to appeal to southern voters. >> this campaign is about ordinary folks doing extraordinary things, sort of like america. going out there and exceeding expectations. >> the conservative candidates got nearly 70% of the votes. if you are the front-runner and keep coming in third you are not much of a front runner. >> newt gingrich says that he will stay in the race. mitt romney issued a written statement congratulating rick santorum. while mitt romney came in third in alabama and mississippi, he did win in hawaii each and american samoa. >> president obama and the british prime minister will meet today at the white house and attend a state dinner tonight. he took david cameron the n.c.a.a. game last night. several d.c. council members have been subpoenaed. it is asking for documents related to campaign contributions from political donor jeffrey thompson. he's the owner of d.c.'s largest medicaid contractor. he has given money to mo
of -- gruen von behrens. >> in commitment 2012 news, mitt romney is coming to maryland today. he will campaign in a town hall event at the dewy loman hall. >> i'm a strong republican. he is the right man for the right job. >> this is the republican council. he will be well received. >> a lot of people will be out here to watch him. >> romney is campaigning ahead of maryland's primary on april 3 where 37 delegates are at stake. he is waking up a winner this morning picking up 41 delegates in illinois and strengthening his overall delegate lead. we have more on the win and what it means for the campaign ahead. good morning. >> good morning. mitt romney has to be coming here feeling good about what happened last night. it was not the nail biter with what we have seen in past face-offs. he finished 12 points ahead of rick santorum but his rival vows this race isn't over yet. >> mitt romney didn't have to wait long after the illinois polls closed to give his victory speech, a clear win that he would like to say makes it a two-man race. romney versus obama. >> we once built an interstate highway sys
romney wins across the ten states that would be a big step toward sealing the deal as the republican nominee. if he stumbles this race could go on for months. mitt romney spent month insisting he is the only candidate focusing on the issues that matter most to voters. >> i look at this campaign right now, and i see a lot of folks all talking about lots of thig things, but what we need to talk about to defeat barack obama is getting good jobs scaling back the size of government, and that's what i do. >> reporter: romney already has 187. there will 419 more. more than a third needed to win the nomination. the key battleground between mitt romney and rick santorum is ohio with 63 delegates. both candidates spent the final day campaigning there. romney was trailing in the polls there just days ago but after a recent surge it's now a virtual dead heat. santorum says for better or worse, ohio could be a turning point in his campaign. >> it's going be a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: though he was leading national polls for february santorum is painting himself as the
by this tonight. >> we want to take you back to arbutus as we continue to follow mitt romney's visit to baltimore county. he did very well in illinois last night. let's check in with abc2's roosevelt leftwich. what did romney have to say? >> reporter: the romney just broke up about two or three minutes ago. governor romney is still over there shaking hands. i think he just walked out of the room. he spoke to about 50 minutes to 300 people. one of the things -- he talked about a lot of different things. he was basically campaigning against barack obama and how he failed to inspire the country in general and how he has failed to create jobs in this economy. he had a very receptive job. as you know, governor ehrlich, this is his home territory. he has been able to get support for governor romney. for many of the state republicans, they were down in annapolis and could not come to the rally. however, romney did say most of them have endorsed his candidacy for the presidency. now coming up later, we'll have sound from this rally and we'll talk to some folks here and find out what they thought of romne
look at the mayor's budget proposal. and we're previewing mitt romney's visit to our state this. >>> . this is a live look at the inner harbor where soon the sun will rise. lynette charles is here for what we can expect today and through the week. >>> we have the fog out there this morning. check out some of the numbers here. we have the reduced visibility again morning after morning this whole week. three mile visibility in baltimore. culpepper, more the same there and five in winchester and six in hagerstown. we're dry right now on the maryland's most powerful radar. you have to go way south in virginia to get rain. they're dealing with a couple of thunderstorms in that area. the fog will burn off ail say in the late morning -- off i'll say in the late morning hours and early afternoon. so thing will look up. just keep trucking through and now over to angela with a check of your traffic. good morning. we have the fog on the roads. >>> yes. good morning. we're seeing a lot of fog on the traffic cameras. not too bad around the beltway as far as incidents go. we have a closure in
. mitt romney had a pretty good weekend but could his luck hold out as candidates campaign ahead of the primary. sandra, so what is the latest? >> reporter: it was another win for mitt romney over the weekend. he won more than 80% of the vote in puerto rico taking all of the 20 delegates in that territory. now mitt romney and rick santorum are duking it out trying to get their message out to voters. >> this could be an amazing time in american history and right here in illinois. you can usher that. you can surprise the pundits. >> this is not about me. this is about the feeding president obama and his agenda and turn returning -- returning america to free enterprise. >> reporter: romney touted his business background. >> i'm someone experienced in the economy. i'm not man economic lightweight. president obama s we'rement going to be successful in replacing an economic lightweight with another economic lightweight. >> reporter: while santorum took to the radio airwaves to tell voters that he is the better man for the job. >> i believe if we can win here in illinois, that will pier
, back in the mid-70s. kelly? >> and now to democracy 2012 news, mitt romney is hoping support from a former president will push him a little bit closer to that republican nomination. tory dunnan joins us from washington. how will this impact the gop race? >> reporter: it seems like the republican establishment has started lining up behind mitt romney. the question is how much do this endorsements really matter? >> i am honored. >> reporter: mitt romney has the edge this campaign season when this comes to endorsements. even his chief rival admits it. >> every endorsement it seems is going for mitt romney. >> reporter: he added two more which already included former florida governor jeb bush and and governor christi. so far this year, endorsements haven't moved the dial. >> i'm endorsing mitt romney. >> reporter: governors from south carolina, mississippi and tennessee, all backed romney before their state's primaries. he lost each contest. if you don't have them, bash them. rick santorum is taking the antiendorsement route. >> romney's got all the mon nirks the endorsement -- money,
>>> mitt romney is heading to maryland. we'll show how he's trying to drum up supporters later. >>> we have new information this morning as baltimore mayor, mayor rawlings-blake, introduces the 2013 budget. >>> and plans for a new elementary school for timonium get the go-ahead and why it has several people upset this morning. detail on that. it's the middle of the week. i'm megan pringle. right out of the box, we want to let you know that any delays or closures due to fog will be at the bottom of the screen. talbott county schools are on a 90 minute delay and no pre-k and now over to lynette charles. >>> good morning. we have an update now. we've been talking about the fog all morning long and a dense fog advisory was just issued. and this is in effect till 10:00 a.m. this morning. but we have it in the colors. this gray color is here. so frederick is in that but points southward, you're dealing with fog this morning. you know the drill. have the low beams on. this is stubborn to move out of here. and we'll see the clouds around even above us as we go into the afternoon, even
. >>> in a few hours, things will come to light here. mitt romney will be visiting today. we'll let you know what time. >>> we have new information this morning as baltimore mayor play introduces the 2013 budget. a look at the ski spending issues and what -- the key spending budget and what it means for you. >>> that and a lot more ahead on this wednesday morning. i'm megan pringle. we will start off with lynette charles. a foggy start. >>> exactly, foggy again. it's mild and humid out there. you should feel it. the hair day will not be good today. maryland's most powerful radar for the most part is dry. but if you go to the south, you're dealing with a shower there. and in virginia, be sure to look out for the thunderstorm that is off towards the east of richmond and petersberg and to the north of newport news. so that is what we're looking at this morning. all and all not so bad in terms of the showers. but we're foggy, only two mile visibility in baltimore, one in easton, zero in washington d.c. let's get a check of the traffic with angela. foggy conditions is hindering the commute this mornin
guy. >>> your "abc 2 news" is coming up next. >> reporter: romney will be in maryland later today. and we'll tell you how he plans to drum up sport. >>> mayor rawlings-blake delivers the 2013 budget today. and the cuts that could affect your wallet and safety. >>> we're in the upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon and 70s it afternoon and 80s could be on the way. details coming up. >>> a foggy start to the commute as you head out today and a lot of congestion. we'll have a complete check of our roadways coming up next on "good morning maryland." >>> good wednesday morning. i'm megan pringle. a lot going on this wednesday morning. sherrie johnson previews the mayor's budget that will be unveiled this morning. and linda so is live where gop mitt romney makes a stop by our state today. and we have angela getting a check of your morning commute and then we'll go to lynette charles with a look at your forecast. >>> dense fog advisory is the big story again for today. it's in effect till 10:00 a.m. and we had it for frederick county and points south and even in southern maryland. we'll de
romney will be heading to maryland later. >>> and all of those stories are just ahead on this wednesday morning. good morning. i'm megan pringle. very foggy when i came in. and that seems to be the theme this week. >>> yes, same old same old. mild and humid as well. so it is not going to be a good hair day, ladies what so far. visibility reduced in baltimore, within mile, two in easton, five in frederick. if you're travel together district, one mile visibility this morning. and this will persist through the morning. and we're dealing with maryland's most powerful radar is not picking up on the misting. but that will linger all morning long. and i know a check that have traffic with angela. good morning. >>> good morning. the fog is out there misting when i came in also. as a result of the fog, we got rid of our two way traffic pattern on the bay bridge already this morning. and let's get a live look how things are out there. not too bad on this stretch of downtown. if you're travel together tunnels, 95 and 895 both looking good. foggy conditions, 695 and harford road and extra caution a
gop frontrunner mitt romney received an endorsement from a top republican. former florida governor jeb bush endorsed romney saying it's time to rally behind the former massachusetts governor. not all positive news though, comments made by a long time aide credited controversy -- created controversy. he compared the general election to an etch-a-sketch saying we can shake it up and start all over again. >> remove all trace of any kind of marks and be able to draw a new picture. maybe a picture of someone who ran for governor of massachusetts not as a conservative. >> romney's aides says he was only talking about the race, not the candidate. the press secretary for rick santorum was handing out etch a sketches outside of a romney event in maryland. speaking of the trip to maryland, mitt romney was at an event organized by former maryland governor bob ehrlich. romney had a meeting in a jam packed american legion hall. he focused on gas prices, health care and the economy. he also took questions. afterwards many admitted they were there and already a mitt man to begin with. >> i agree wi
. >> a big day for mitt romney. 64 delegates up for grabs. and for rick santorum be big -- and for rick santorum. he needs to beat romney. but he made a gaffe, campaigning against the governor. >> i do not care what the unemployment race would -- what the unemployment rate is. >> i do care what the unemployment rate is. it does bother me. >> my candidacy does not hinge on what the unemployment rate is. >> the republican race might hinge on louisiana. newt gingrich campaign there today for a primary on saturday. is a chance for front runner to prove he can win in the south. >> if mitt romney can hold this lead, which looks to be double digits, he could get a boost going into louisiana, which is one of those away games in the deep south. if you went down there, he may be good to solidify the nomination. >> illinois has 69 delegates. they are chosen in a complex process. but there is one big question in illinois tonight. can santorum beat romney? wbal-tv 11 news. >> mitt romney is heading to marilyn tomorrow. we're working to confirm the details. we will a closer look at 5:30. >> still ahe
. "washington journal" is next. >> we did it again. >> rick santorum edges out the new gingrich and mitt romney for two victories in alabama and mississippi last night. mitt romney scored a victory in hawaii. good morning on this wednesday, march 14, 2012. president obama official welcomes british prime minister david cameron to the white house this morning if with a 19-gun salutes and an arrival ceremony full of pomp and circumstance. they will hold a joint news conference at noon today followed by a state dinner tonight. we will have that 9:00 a.m. eastern time on c-span 3. we begin with last night's primary. rick santorum leading in two states. but what is next for newt gingrich? dial in on your respective phone lines. also, you can send us an e-mail or a tweet. or post your comments on facebook. let me show you the local papers this morning. santorum sweeps in alabama. and in mississippi, santorum by a hair. the washington times this morning has this to say about last night's primary -- so this morning we want to hear from you about last night's primaries, what you think should be newt ging
" at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. a convincing win for mitt romney in the illinois primary, so we'll get reaction from illinois democratic senator dick durbin on that as well as the ongoing budget battle in washington. >>> plus, a community rallies in support of a teen gunned down during a neighborhood watch. we'll hear from both sides of this racially charged case. >>> i'm gayle king. treasure trove of captured documents offer a window into the mind of osama bin laden. john miller brings us new details you have not heard before. >>> when i see you at 8:00, kiefer sutherland tells us about his return to tv. >>> i'm erica hill. cbs news tracked down fake medicine that made its way into the u.s. >>> and newly published e-mails from bernie madoff shows a desperate man trying to cope with life behind bars. >>> we start with the "eye opener," your world in 90 second. >>> thank you, illinois. what a night. wow. >>> mitt romney rolls in illinois and takes aim at president obama. >> it's time to say this word -- enough. we've had enough. >> it's inevitable mitt romney is going to be th
economic lightweight. i heard governor romney ere called me an economic lightweight ecause i wasn't a wall street financier like hee &pwas.do you think thattis the kind of experrence we need? someone who is goinn to takee and look after, as he did, his friends on wall street and bail them out at the expense of main street america?"the romney caapaign took another swipe at santorum, posting a web ad showing santoruu endorsing himmfor president in 2008.you must vote fformmtt romney.and romney savored sunddy's win in puerto rico. these pancakes are something else i tell you. (laughter) these pancakes are about as larre as my win in puerto rico last ight i must admit.i'' greg black reporting. the latest oll bbythe ameeican reseaach group shows romnee with a double digit lead over santorum in the sttte.the poll found 44- percenn of likelyyg-o-p primary votersswould choose romney... compared to 30- percent for santorum.there are 54 delegates at stake. fox45 is your source for vote 2012. go to our website fox baltimore dot com and click on the vote 2012 tab oo the left of your screee.y
. >>> it's now 5:02. the biggest prize of super tuesday goes to mitt romney. this morning nbc declared romney the winner in the ohio primary. it was hardly a landslide. he beat rick santorum by about 12,000 votes. romney won six of the ten states in play yesterday. santorum won three. both candidates, though, celebrated what they call big nights for their campaigns. >> to the millions of americans who look around and can only see jobs they can't get and bills that they can't pay, i have a message. you have not failed. you is a president that's failed you, and that's going to change. [ cheers ] >> we've won races all over this country against the odds, when they thought, okay, he's finally finished. we keep coming back. >> romney won about half of the 419 delegates up for grabs yesterday. he won at least 204 delegates, and that's more than his three competitors combined. rick santorum won at least 77 delegates. newt gingrich won at least 69, and ron paul won at least 16. >>> in battleground virginia, a fairly light turnout this super tuesday. we have a breakdown of the vote in our area.
down. court's decision will be kept secret until june. mitt romney continuing to rack up endorsements of republican leaders. house budget committee chairman paul ryan will endorse romney today. this is one day after former president george h. w. bush also endorsed the former massachusetts governor. former florida governor jeb bush has endorsed romney, but former president george w. bush is remaining neutral. it is 43 degrees. so much more to come on good morning washington. the capitals needed a big win against the bruins. tim brant has the highlights from the back and forth. signs of progress in the fight against a wildfire in colorado. we have an update for you. glaxo wellcome. -- welcome. beledweyne moving nicely near the mormon temple. there was an accident, but then has been moved quickly. no impact at connecticut avenue. the beltway between 270 and 95, i would say go for it. >> looks nice outside this morning. 15-20 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. 44 degrees at reagan national, 39 at dulles. 36 at winchester. above freezing finally in western maryland where t
on the front-runner mitt romney and on the media. >>> now to the latest developments on the supreme court's arguments on the healthcare debate. they won't let an ob secure tax law keep them from delivering an opinion. the justices focused on the issue of whether the challenge to the law should be thrown out as premature. their questioning indicated they're not likely to use that issuals the way out of an opinion this year. >>> dick cheney is recovering tonight after having a heart transplant. he has a history of hearts problems. now it's spark a debate on how old is too old to get a new heart. according to doctors, the next 24 hours will be critical. at his age cheney is in the older age. >> it used to be that age 55 was the cutoff, anything above that wouldn't get transplanted. now they look at the person as a whole, no kidney disease no strokes. >> cheney had his first heart attack when he was just 35. last september he got a pump. he was on the recipient waiting list for over 20 months. >>> all right. weather wise, bright and sunny and quite windy. look at the flags whipping downtown,
. ♪ >> mitt romney has reason to smile today after picking up at least 41 delegates in illinois and strengthening his overall delegate lead. >> this was not the nail biter we have seen in past thasos with most precincts in, mitt romney finished 12 points and had a brick santorum. his rivals dallas race is not over yet about what a night -- thank you, illinois. >> mitt romney did not have to wait long after the polls closed to give his victory speech. a clear win that he would like to say makes it a two-man race. >> we once built an interstate highway system and the hoover dam. now we can't even build a pipeline for it when we replace a law professor with the conservative businessman as president, that will end. >> is great to be back in pennsylvania. >> rick sent normal argued a win would change the race. he lost by double digits. he looked ahead in his speech. >> we will picket by a whole boatload of delegates and close this gap and on to victory. >> newt gingrich and ron paul largely ignored ellen i and they won no delegates. neither showed signs of stepping out of the wac an
as front-runner mitt romney looks to take one step closer to locking up the delegates to clinch the gop nomination. tory dunnan has more. what's the atmosphere like tonight? >> reporter: they're getting everything set up at romney headquarters. there's a lot of mitt romney to do well to help solidify his role. if you take a look at the latest pole -- pocialtion romney has a double digit lead. the former massachusetts governor has drop upwards of $3 million on the state. they're outspending santorum seven to one. yet, santorum is still appearing to be confident and issues this prediction. >> i predict if we're able to do what most people think are impossible, which is to carry the state of illinois they'll stop talking about delegates and start talking about how to stop rick santorum from being the nominee. >> reporter: let's talk about the delegate count. you have romney leading with 521 delegates. santorum 237. this isn't all about the math. when you talk about mitt romney there tends to be this enthusiasm gap. it could help us with the much needed momentum. >> so, we're not in the sou
. >>> battle is on in illinois as mitt romney and rick san tom work hard for the last minute votes. >>> as we take a live look from our camera downtown at the inner harbor, on this tuesday, march 20th, it's showing a pleasant morning, temperature wise, 61 degreess still a little wet and muggy. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. charley crowson has the day off. today is the first day of spring. >>> everybody out there, we are dealing with some soggy conditions, foggy conditions this morning. like we did yesterday. we have one mile visibility in baltimore, 3 eastons 6 in york frederick looks good. i am not ruling out the fact this could drop down as we go through time. culpepper coming in at 1m have the low beams on as you head out the door. we have the foggy conditions, but it is a little bit of fog as well. a little bit of a thom thunderstorm now. winds in to westminster. dealing with the shower popping up across the area. we slide south in to pg county sp also in to montgomery county, white oak. dealing with a little bit of moderate rain and lightning strikes this mor
and mitt romney &pcampaigning hard today. romney's lead in iilinois has been narrrwing in recent days toowhere his margin over rick santorum is now at &psii-point-foor percent. the latest real clear pplittcs average shows romney with thirty-seven-point-seven percent to santorums thirty- one-point-three percent with gingrich lagging far behind at thirteen-point-three and paul at sevvn--oint-three percent. romney has been outspenning his rivvl by a seven to one margin in illinois, relying in part on what has worked for him in other states - strrng attack ads and pointed barbs at his adversary. today at a &ppancake brunch in moline, economii background to that of president obama's.romney says: "senator santorum, i think, has the same characteristic as thee president in terms of his background, spent his life in government. nothing wrong with that, but right now we need economy fundamentally. senattr santorum has the same economic llghtweight background that the presiieet has." santorum, meanwhile, delivered a sttong pro-life speech at a church gatherrng of about onn thousand wo
romney is on the campaign trail. after tuesday's primary in illinois the candidate will be heading our way. find outer with plans to make a stopplus, just in time for swimming season, a controversy regarding pb lib pools. details on a deadline that has the obama administration stepping in. >>> you are looking at a live picture over the baltimore inner harbor. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but new bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. so you can clean this mess w
forecast straight ahead. >>> now continuing campaign 2012, mitt romney came to the hometown of our former governor robert ehrlich. rosie? >> reporter: mitt romney spoke for about 45 minutes to a really entuesday as tick crowd. about 200 or 300 people showed up at the legion post 109. a lot of people haven't decided. for many people they still want to hear what romney has to stay say because they -- has to say because three don't know who they will vote for. >> reporter: an enthusiastic crowd greeted mitt romney. his visit comes at a time when every vote will count in the republican primary. however, romney directed most of list remarks toward president obama and what he says is president obama's failure with the economy. >> i'm concerned about the debt and the economy and the president who doesn't understand our economy to know that innovations and businesses are built on dreams rand dreams are very fragile and as he expands the hand of government in the marketplace and excessive regulation and larger and larger taxation, that he kills dreams and dreamers. >> reporter: she says at this po
finds mitt romney surging ahead of the republican pack. the poll finds romney six points now ahead of rick santorum. >> abc's rick klein looks at the race and which state is most important on super tuesday. good morning, rick. >> reporter: rob and paula, ohio is the ball game tuesday. it is a huge opportunity for rick santorum to show he can win a big battleground state, what he failed to do last week in michigan. and it may even be bigger for mitt romney. he can all but end the nomination fight by winning ohio. meanwhile, barbara bush, the former first lady, has recorded a call for mitt romney in ohio. >> hi. this is barbara bush. we have known the romneys for years and believe mitt is the best man to lead the country for the next four years and anne will make a great first lady. >> reporter: that means the republican establishment is falling in line behind mitt romney. this is a statement, a strong signal to the gop rank and file, it's time to coalesce behind the man who is almost certain to be their nominee. and all the candidates have to deal with these controversial comments t
in maryland on tuesday for republicans. the prevote polls show mitt romney the run away favorite in those races. that's why the focus is on wisconsin. republican leaders here on capitol hill hope mitt romney can put away rick santorum in wisconsin. four days before the primary, mitt romney came to wisconsin with a seven-point lead in the nbc news marist poll. >> president obama thinks he is doing a good job. i'm not kidding. he actually thinks he's doing a great job. >> reporter: he's getting key endorsements. conservative house leader paul ryan, who is from wisconsin, 87-year-old former president george bush 41. >> i do think it is time for the party to get behind governor romney. >> reporter: florida tea party senator marco rubio, a wave of romney endorsements. that is really important for him right now because he needs to start bringing the republican party together to start bringing party unity and start generating some enthusiasm for the general election. >> i'm here -- [ applause ] >> -- yes. i'll take off my jacket. >> reporter: president obama is already campaigning. four events t
that marchers came from every part of the city. >>> today mitt romney will campaign in maryland fresh off his win in the illinois primary. romney will attend a town hall meeting near baltimore this afternoon. maryland holds its primary on the 3rd of april. early voting begins on this saturday. romney won convincingly in illinois. he beat rick santorum by 12% points. the victory gives romney an even more commanding lead in the delegate count. nbc news projects that he won 41 of illinois's 54 delegates. romney has not clinched the republican nomination yet but appears to be looking need november's general election. [ applause ] >> so tonight was a primary, but november is the general election. and we're going to face a defining decision as a people. our choice will not be about party or even personality. this election will be about principle. our economic freedom will be on the ballot. >> according to exit polls, romney won the support of 71% of illinois voters who say the ability to defeat the president is the most important factor in a candidate. >>> a new poll shows that president obama has
in baltimore county. mitt romney is fresh off a victory especially yesterday's illinois primaries and he is looking to solidify his place at the front of the pack. in this morning's campaign 2012 report wjz and monique griego are live at the american legion where romney will be later today. good morning, monique. >> reporter: good morning, don. and good morning, everyone. romney will host the town hall meeting here later today, looking to build on his win last night in illinois. [ cheers ] >> thank you guys. >> reporter: mitt romney scores another victory with a convincing win in illinois. >> what a night. thank you, illinois. what a night. wow. >> reporter: now romney will look to build on that momentum when he makes a campaign stop at the american legion. romney saturated the airwaves and cnn reports a proromney superpack has spent nearly half a million dollars buying airtime in maryland. >> we know our future is brighter than these troubled times. we still believe in america. and we deserve a president who believes in us. and i believe in the american people. >> reporter: romney has a
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